Operational Philosophy

Globee was is the combination of two strong BPO brands, Everise (C3/CustomerContactChannels) and UBASE. Each boasts a strong, global client base with a core focus on brand experience. 

Each client engagement at Globee starts with aligning our hand-picked operations team with the client brand. We begin by setting goals, Key Performance Objectives, and understanding what a stellar experience looks like for the client brand. Our teams are picked based on their specific industry expertise to best align with the nuances and specifics to the client industry. 

Once we are aligned, Globee teams begin the rigorous screening process to ensure that the right candidates are selected for the program based on language and overall skill requirements. 

The training phase of implementation is a combination of product and experiential learning, both delivered interactively using methodologies that are proven to work more effectively than instructor led training. These newly hired agents transform into brand experts so that they can in turn transform customers into loyal ones for the client. 

After programs are launched, Globee teams and managers monitor, coach, and track results. Innovation is at the core of the Globee brand, and teams will continue to bring new ideas that will support and foster improved performance. Globee Lab incubations are introduced along the way to further enhance the overall customer and client experience.

Backed by Globee Analytics, the process continues and real-time reporting and communication to clients is a top priority.

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