Omnichannel Experience

The new normal is for the customer to decide how and when they communicate with brands. In the world of instant gratification and information, brands must be ready to respond. 

GlobeE stands ready to respond. Capabilities span traditional phone (voice) communications as well as email, chat, and social media communications. Each channel represents another way that GlobeE team members can delight our clients’ customers and support the brand building opportunity that GlobeE teams can positively impact. 

The Voice of the Customer for all the channels can be heard and supported by one Globee voice, and customers can experience the same high level of service across each channel. 

By staffing agents with native speakers, the language skills in both written and spoken formats across these channels are stronger than if staffed by non-native speakers. Agents are screened for both skills in order to provide a consistent experience for our clients’ customers in a timely manner.