At Globee, we strive to provide a work culture that matches the nature of what our employees are ultimately trying to achieve—make other humans happy. Backed by decades of experience in the BPO industry, Globee leaders understand the importance of hiring and retaining the best employees. The secret to retaining Globee employees is our culture. 

Once relocated to Malaysia, the Globee leadership team does its best to help new hires get established in the market and understand all it has to offer and experience. Within Globee, employees enjoy an amazing work environment through our state of the art facility located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Our facility offers a multitude of perks such as fitness facilities, wellness programs and a variety of dining options. 

Globee employees also enjoy top notch benefits and employee programs to celebrate achievements big or small. Happy employees make happy customers and Globee takes ‘happy’ to a whole new level.