An Innovative Approach to Multilingual Customer Support

Deliver cost-effective, native language support from happier, more motivated agents, backed by cutting-edge technology and analytics.

Native Language Support

Globee provides full proficiency multilingual customer support through native speakers of over 20 languages. These champions inspire brand loyalty and foster greatly elevated, culturally informed customer experiences.

Looking for Onshore Japanese CX?

Home-Based Agent Solution

Globee has a robust work at home program, guaranteeing the safety of our agents and smooth continuity of our partners’ operations. Our tech stack ensures these agents operate with as much collaboration, data security and accountability as their centralized counterparts.

Omnichannel Experiences

Our capabilities span voice, email, social media, chat, chatbots and more. Deep implementation experience and close relationships with the world’s top customer experience management platforms combine to provide you with single Voice of the Customer for all channels.

Digital CX Transformation

Globee’s digital experiences are built upon proprietary multilingual natural language processing that can be deployed as either chat or voice-based virtual assistants. Our technology is proven to elevate the customer experience by offering a welcome self-help support channel and relieving inbound pressure during peak times.

Tech Support

GBJ’s tech support is built on a foundation of deep user-product integration and enduring customer loyalty. Our success is a product of innovative training methods, high degrees of ongoing agent-product immersion and the kind of longevity that results when people love their jobs.

Why our partners love Malaysia

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Malaysia was ranked as the third most attractive market for global offshoring by A.T. Kearney.
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Business Continuity
Optimal location to mitigate risks to your onshore support facilities.
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Government Support
MSC(Multimedia Super Corridor) Status allows for free flow of labor and other attractive incentives.
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Lower Cost
Pay less for the same native speakers.

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