The world is smaller than ever as digital technology has interconnected customers and humans around the globe.  Corporations can reach customers in virtually any geography with a much quicker speed to market than ever thought possible.

In turn, customers are savvier than ever and expect more from the brands they support.  They expect a level of authenticity and attention that near next to perfect.  The challenge for brands is to meet this expectation across every geography and every language seamlessly.

Globee is a joint venture between Everise, parent company to the BPO firm C3/CustomerContactChannels and UBASE, Korea’s largest Customer Management provider.  The joint venture, headquartered in Singapore, has opened a multilingual hub located in Kuala Lumpur to provide a customer experience solution for multinational corporations. This state of the art center in Malaysia combines the best of both companies to deliver omnichannel customer services, in multiple languages that result in customer experiences that are transformational for Globee clients.

Globee leverages the unique attributes of Malaysia to form a superior team of global champions hired to represent client brands. By selecting native speakers into this unique, international destination, customers from geographies around the world enjoy a seamless experience from a language, culture, and overall brand perspective.  No one is better qualified to support the expectations of customers than someone who speaks their language as a primary, not secondary language.

The Globee model offers cost-effective pricing, low employee turnover, and an overall ease of implementation that keeps pace with the changing dynamics of this global economy. 

   Level 10, Menara KEN TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
   3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo Shinjuku Park Tower 30F Toyko, Japan

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