An Innovative Approach to Multilingual Support

Cross-shoring is a unique “natives serving natives” support operations model that offers customer lifecycle management services delivered through a multilingual hub, by native speakers at a lower cost, without compromising the customer experience.

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A Proven Work-at-Home Leader

Some of the region’s most valued brands rely on the benefits of our multilingual, crisis-resilient home-based support

Join us in Malaysia!

A beautiful and ethnically diverse region of the world, Globee sits in an affluent region of the melting pot of Kuala Lumpur. The combination of good infrastructure, strong government partnerships and warm weather makes this an ideal location to attract multilingual talent.

Work-at-Home in Malaysia

Keep your career progressing while safely at home with Globee’s flexible remote work opportunities. When you say hello to Everise, you say hello to a major lifestyle upgrade and goodbye to traffic and long commutes.

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