Delivering Multilingual Business Transformation

A Global Customer Experience

Native language speakers supporting other native speakers

The world is smaller than ever as digital technology has interconnected customers and humans around the globe. Corporations can reach customers in virtually any geography with a much quicker speed to market than ever thought possible.

Powered by Innovation

Powered by Innovation and Artificial Intelligence to Drive Transformation

Globee is home to engineers specializing in the incubation if products and technological enhancements that are transforming the way customer experiences are managed. Customers in turn are gaining the benefit of an omnichannel experience with a highly personalized touch from a language and cultural perspective.

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Hiring the best team

Hiring the most dynamic, talented team is important for any organization.  It’s a top priority for Globee as language and cultural adherence are critical to the success of our clients.

Keeping top talent happy

Once we identify the best of the best talent, it’s important to keep them happy. Globee offers spectacular transitional housing options to make relocation to Malaysia seamless. Once settled, Globee employees enjoy incredible benefits. 

Why Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful and ethnically diverse  region of the world that is considered to be a game changer for the BPO industry.